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Bernard Carl Piotrowski

January 26, 1931 – October 11, 2020

Bernard Carl ("Ben" or "Bernie") Piotrowski, 89, of Friendswood, Texas, passed away October 11, 2020 at his daughter's home in Friendswood. He was born January 26, 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio to Bernard Anthony and Anna (Biesiada) Piotrowski. Bernard married Doris Joan Knickrehm on August 8, 1953.

Bernard was a graduate of Cathedral Latin High School in Cleveland, Ohio and was drafted in the United States Marine Corps.  He served at Cherry Point as a radar specialist and on the bowling team during the Korean War.  He worked in the elevator industry for 40 years, including time as union president, maintenance superintendent, and an instructor in the apprenticeship program in retirement.  His family joked, "It had its ups and downs."   The years included many re-locations with his growing family–from Cleveland, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana, to Toledo, Ohio, to Livonia, Michigan, to St. Louis, Missouri, then onto Houston, Texas.  He was active with his sons in the Boy Scouts of America and was a member of the Knights of Columbus.  His working years included time with Jeep in Toledo and he was always delighted to see the many Jeeps in Texas.    In retirement, Bernie and Doris moved to Galveston, Texas, where they were active in the church and volunteered with the Galveston Outdoor musicals.   Bernie immensely enjoyed performing as Santa Claus during the holiday season and making homemade sausage during the holidays.  After tiring of the tropical storm season, Bernie and Doris moved to Friendswood to be closer to their family.

Survivors include Bernard's wife, Doris and their seven children, Bernard Robert (Linda) Piotrowski of Franklin, Indiana; Michael (Malinda) Piotrowski of Maumee, Ohio; Susan (Bruce Conger) Piotrowski of Friendswood, Texas;  Lucy (Edwardo) Gomez of Houston, Texas; Daniel (Andrea) Piotrowski of Frankston, Texas; Christine (Thomas) Preli of Spring, Texas; and Thomas (Jennifer) Piotrowski of Jersey Village, Texas.  Additional survivors are twenty-one grandchildren: Bernard Stephen, Gregory, Joseph, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Julia, Lauren, Adam, Kevin, Ian, Monica, Ethan, Emily, Andrew, Matthew, Abigail, Eliza, Thomas, Patrick, Alexandra, and Catherine; ten great-grandchildren: Katelyn, Bernard Matthew, Annabelle, Elyse, Klarra, Casen, Rose, Zoe, Lucas, and Cora; a sister, Carole (Clement) Belter of Brunswick, Ohio; a sister-in-law, Meleny Piotrowski of California; and an "adopted" son, Fr. Benny of India.   

Bernard was preceded in death by his parents and brother, Robert Piotrowski.

Due to the pandemic, private services for family only will be held October 16, 2020.   

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial contributions are made to the Mary Queen Catholic Church Food Pantry at https://pushpay.com/g/maryqueencatholicchurch or to 606 Cedarwood Dr., Friendswood, Texas, 77546.

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20 thoughts on “Bernard Carl Piotrowski”

  1. Michael V Piotrowski

    When I was about 8 or so and Dad worked repairing elevators, he sometimes brought me long to "help" by pressing the buttons while he checked the relays upstairs. I remember the relays making loud clicks randomly and it was a little scary. We often went to the tops of tall buildings outside. Dad could fix lots of electrical things, and I will always remember him from the smell of tools he used.

    1. Sandi Schorling

      Mike & Family,
      Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your father. His family is his legacy. 🕇

  2. Jennifer Smoldas

    My deepest condolences to the family. Mr. Piotrowski was the nicest gentleman. I am so very sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers for comfort and peace.

  3. Debbie Pilkington

    I am so very sorry for the loss of this kind man.
    I know he will be greatly missed.
    My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

  4. Grandpa taught me how to fish but also so much more. I remember one time when I was about ten, I went to cast and my line flew back, wrapped around his head and my hook came to rest gently lodged in his neck! I started to panic, but he very calmly told me to hold still and maneuvered his way out of the jam I had caused. I think of him every time I am in a tense situation and I try to emulate his patience and focus. I'll miss you Grandpa!

  5. Deacon Charles Turner

    So sorry for your loss. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

  6. Eduardo and Judy Bosch

    We're very sorry for your loss. Bernie and Dorris would accompany us to Sunday brunch after Sunday Mass. Bernie was a good friend. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him.

  7. Grandpa always encouraged me to pursue my passions and would lift me up whenever I told him about any challenge I was facing by simply stating, "You got this." I was fortunate to have had the chance to stay with him and Grandma in Galveston for a summer during high school, the mornings and afternoons full of stories and advice from Grandpa as he drove me to and from UTMB every day for the three months I was there (in his legendary Honda CR-V). That summer research program laid the groundwork for my medical degree, and I will never forget the look of pride in his eyes when I told him I started working at a VA. You will be deeply missed Grandpa, your legacy continues on in all of us!

  8. I don't have a specific memory of Grandpa, so much as a swirling dreamscape of great childhood memories. Crabbing in Galveston, grinding sausages, him literally being Santa. Some weird joke he told me about a family of tomatoes and the baby tomato getting run over (punchline was "he'll ketchup!"). His big, booming voice, and his very sly laughter when he'd saying something funny. He was…such a grandpa. In the best way. And I'll miss him.

  9. I love seeing all the fond memories and beautiful stories of grandpa. Many of the memories shared are similar to my own memories, but grandpa always found a way to make each one of us feel special. As we got older, grandpa began to share his memories and his stories. And although we sometimes heard the same stories over and over and over again, like the stories about his time in the Marine Corps and how he worked as a radar specialist with grandma quick to remind us what he was "really doing" in the service, I would give anything to hear another story. I have great memories of fishing with hotdogs, swimming in Galveston, and eating homemade Polish sausage, but some of my favorite memories are spending time with grandma and grandpa in the summer of 2019. Andrea and I got to visit grandpa and grandma three times that summer. We ate good food, chatted about life, and listened to stories. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for challenging us to do something with a purpose. We love you and miss you, grandpa.

  10. Lucy Piotrowski Gomez

    Dad was a great man! We had quite an adventurous childhood moving to new places, vacations in the summer, our own pool, our ice skating pond. Dad gave us his best. Like Michael, I remember going with dad to check elevators downtown. It was a little scary but awesome to spend time with dad alone. He used to call me "devil"…he knew was highly active and a bit of a rascal. I asked him once why people were different colors. I said it was like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. He said that God made us all, and that stuck. I remember picking him up from Jeep. I'd make him soup for his thermos and hand sewed a carrier. He could fix anything, and I would sit and watch. When it rained we'd sit on the porch. He called the raindrops fairies dancing. A magical childhood with mom and dad. Now I'm grown with my own family. He was so proud of all his grandkids. He encouraged and gave good advice to my children. He told me often to hang in there, things will get better and he's always on my side. He gave me hope. Once for Christmas I gave him a teddy bear with "Dad" written on the bear's heart. I told him sometimes he acted like a grizzly bear, but inside, I knew he was really a teddy bear. He told great stories from when he was a boy on his gps farm. The calf story is a favorite. And his story about when he befriended a young man in highschool left a big impression on me. He loved us well. I'll miss you dad, my hero. Rest in peace with your brother and parents. I know you'll be watching over us from above…and I can still hear you…everything will be okay.

  11. Abigail Piotrowski

    Reading the stories from some of my older cousins is truly a blessing. I was the youngest grandkid for a long time, but I'm so thankful for the time I did get with him. One of my favorite things to do with grandpa was to play all the different varieties of board games with him, grandma, and my brother. I'll never forget the times he told me he was proud of me. Him saying I love you kiddo will forever remain in my mind. Grandpa was one of my heroes and I'll miss him dearly.

  12. Kathy Piotrowski Fellenstein

    I had the great luck to travel to Houston for work last summer and was able to spend some wonderful time with Uncle Bernie! What great stories and wonderful memories I have to cherish! Pop(Bob Piotrowski ) always bragged about how smart his brother was, Uncle Bernie always bragged about what a great musician Pop was. I can definitely say I'm from one heck of a fun, talented and loving family! Will miss you Uncle Bernie .

  13. Elizabeth Conger

    I loved our grandpa so very much. I feel so lucky that our family lived so close to him and Grandma for so long. We made thousands of memories over the years that I will treasure forever. Grandpa always supported all of my endeavors, and I never tired of seeing him in the audience for my concerts and musicals. He always encouraged me to keep going, to get better, at academics or singing or fishing or swimming or even just playing cribbage at the kitchen table. He gave me my respect for our Polish heritage (and taught me what it takes to make good kielbasa). Every story he told helped me learn the important things in life. He was always so proud of our big, crazy, wonderful family. And it wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful without him. I love you, Grandpa, and send all of my love and condolences to everyone whose life was touched by him.

  14. I have So many memories of my dad but my most vivid was the fact that he "Believed " in me. What he meant was, when he left me behind to finish High School in Detroit and his boss and co-workers told him he was crazy, he said "I Believed in You"!! He knew I would be ok and that it made me very happy. That was in the early 1980's mind you. He told me this with a tear in his eye almost every time we were together. Thats what Love is All about!! I will never forget You Dad!! -Chich

  15. Dear Susan and Bruce, I am so sorry for your loss. I regret not getting to meet Bernie. He was an awesome person and lived a very rich life. He has truly left a wonderful legacy. God bless you both and all the family in this time of loss.

  16. Gloria Araiza-Young

    Doris, Sue, Bruce, Lucy, Christi and All – I will remember Bernie's Grandfatherly ways and encouragement over the years, his deep Love for his lovely wife, Doris and his wonderful family. I especially enjoyed the wonderful gatherings when we joined in the Piotrowski and Conger family celebrations. I am so blessed to have been a part of it all. Bernie you will be missed. Doris and family, God Bless You All.

  17. I remember Brnie from the time we got on the same streetcar together to go to Cathedral Latin high school in Cleveland. We were both Polish, he from "Goosetown" and me from "Warszawa", both Polish areas of our home town. After graduation, the Korean war and marriages seperated may of us , but Bernie always stayed in touch with our Latin Alumni through the years. Sorry for your loss but happy for God's gain of another Latin Lion. Of the original 265 who graduated in 1948, less then 40-45 of us still have some work God has in mind for us. God bless… Ralph Konkowski Class of '48.

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